Enhesa Issue 48th Edition of Free Newsletter: The Enhesa Flash

Today Enhesa published the July 2009 issue of its free newsletter, the Enhesa Flash, which is distributed every two months.

Besides briefing you on recent Enhesa projects and Enhesa services on a regular basis, the Enhesa Flash is aimed at alerting global EHS professional to new EHS Regulatory developments of interest to industry as they occur in over 115 countries and regions around the globe.

The July 2009  issue includes the following articles:
– An example of bad EU regulation: a nasty surprise hidden in the new Classification and Labeling Regulation,
– 30,000th Monitoring report issued in June 2009
– Enhesa participates in the 2009 Spring Meeting of the Auditing Roundtable in San Antonio, TX
– Are administrative offices a higher risk than industrial operations?
– Impacts of liberalization of the electricity market in environmental services in Latin America
– Auditing Roundtable Fall 2009 Meeting, Exposition and Training
– Enhesa moves to downtown DC
– Enhesa Webinar Program.

As usual, the Enhesa Flash also provides a snapshot overview of new environment, health and safety regulatory and policy developments impacting industry that were adopted in over 60 countries and regions around the globe during March and April 2009. If you are not aware of what these new developments require from you and how they impact you, please contact Enhesa for additional support.

For more information and in order to register to receive the Flash, please visit the Enhesa website, or e-mail us at: info@enhesa.com

Best regards,
Thierry Dumortier

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