Enhesa participating in Auditing Roundtable Conference

Enhesa is excited to attend the 2009 bi-annual Auditing Roundtable Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, from 9 – 11 September 2009. This year Enhesa will be participating in a number of sessions in order to share our expertise with Auditing Roundtable participants. Victoria Bain-Kurek, Senior Enhesa Consultant, will be presenting on sustainability measures focusing on items that were once merely good business practice but today are increasingly regulated by law. Frank Brandauer, Enhesa’s Executive EHS Consultant and former Head of EHS at Avery Dennison, will be presenting on  how to design and implement a cost-effective EHS audit program for today’s environment of heightened EHS awareness and enforcement in an economy in distress. In addition to attending Vicki and Frank’s presentations, we encourage you to stop by our booth to meet our consultants and familiarize yourself with Enhesa.

We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!


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