An Overview of Enhesa’s Free Webinar on Occupational Exposure Limits

What do you need to know about occupational exposure limits?

Do you know which chemicals in which countries currently have OELs?  Which chemicals are being considered? Are you aware of the differing exposure limits in each EU Member State? What are the consequences for non compliance in different countries? The impact of REACH on OELs? How to balance compliance, financial obligations and health issues?

Over 300 attendees tuned into hear our expert speakers, Laura Smith and Brett Parnell, discussing the following topics:

  • EU Regulation of OELs
  • Member Countries’ differing  implementation schemes
  • Proposed 3rd Directive on Indicative Exposure Limits including insight into potentially controversial chemicals  (i.e. formaldehyde)
  • Reach Designated No Effect Limits (DENLs) and their impact on OEL regulations
  • Suggestions on how to address the challenge of creating a global standardized production process that addresses differing legal requirements and contradictory advice from manufacturers.

Laura Smith and Enhesa director, Thierry Dumortier, also answered questions at the end of the session. Some of the questions included the following:

  • What do you envision will be the process for harmonization of OELs and DNELS, etc?
  • What advice would you give to companies who operate in more than one EU member state or have mobile work forces who work across states in respect of OEL compliance?
  • What impact if any do you think the new exposure scenarios will have on businesses? How do you think this will be enforced?

Here are some quotes from some of our satisfied attendees:

  • It was a great presentation and the session was very useful for me and our company. Global REACH Manager, Opel
  • … was very informative and very well presented. Please extend my compliments to the Enhesa team for a job well done (as usual).
    Product Regulatory Analyst Corporate Product EHS Lead, Applied Materials
  • We at PPG Corporate Occupational Health thought this was one of the best and most informative webinars we have attended.
    PPG Corporate Occupational Health, PPG

For a copy of the presentation and access to the webinar recording, please contact us at


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