An Overview of Enhesa’s Free Webinar on Substances of Very High Concern under REACH

Substances of Very High Concern

The Ongoing Struggle for Harmonization

Do you know which substances are currently listed as a SVHC under REACH?  Which substances are proposed for further regulation?  Can you afford to lose market share to competitors with alternative non listed substances?  Is SVHC legislation a market opportunity or death knell for your company?

In May 2009, Enhesa’s expert speaker, Vito Buonsante, provided a free webinar to more than 250 EHS managers. The discussion focused on the practical steps that businesses need to make sure they are ready for REACH. Participants were provided with an overview of the following:

– Implications of REACH and the SVHC list for product manufacturers.

– Manufacturer’s regulatory obligations, including a timeline for compliance.

– How the list will change and who makes the changes.

– Market ramifications of REACH and SVHC.

– Likely substances to be added to the list.

    Vito Buonsante and Enhesa director, Thierry Dumortier, also engaged in a lively Q&A session after the presentation. Some of the questions included the following:

    – Who is responsible for reporting- the importer or the person who places the product “on the market”?

    – What do you recommend as possible ways to engage suppliers who don’t know about REACH?

    – If I have SVHCs in an article – am I required to gain authorization for that SVHC even if that SVHC will never be released from the article?

    – Can you define “customers” in terms of notification? Is this only if we supply end user customers or do we have the obligation for professional customers as well?

      Some quotes from some of our satisfied attendees:

      • Thanks for organizing the event. Excellent presentation and very informative
        Research Scientist; General Electric Company
      • Great call.
        Director EHS Europe; Bausch & Lomb

      For a copy of the presentation and access to the webinar recording, please contact us at


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