An Overview of Enhesa’s Free Webinar on Waste Producer Liability in China

Dates:  Thursday August 20, 2009 & Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you understand your producer responsibilities regarding waste disposal in China? Were you aware you can be held liable for any EHS impairments caused by your waste – even during transport or in disposal facility? Are you completely comfortable with your current waste disposal processes and procedures?

Over 250 attendees spent a worthwhile hour with Enhesa’s own Shanghai based expert, Ellen Zhang, who focused on the following topics:

  • Regulations and associated liabilities for industrial producers of waste in China
  • Case Studies of multinationals faced with libelous situations
  • Exploration of the limitations on waste management infrastructure in China
  • Methods for selecting and overseeing reliable waste transport/ recycling/ disposal service providers.

Ellen Zhang and director, Paul Beatley, answered questions in a lively Q&A session. Some of the questions answered provided actionable steps you can employ right away including:

  • Is used oil considered hazardous waste?
  • Are Chinese companies able to accept electronics for import because the materials are not considered solid waste because they have further use?
  • What would be in concrete terms obligations for producers of refrigerators respectively the recycling of refrigerators?
  • What do you do with hazardous waste that cannot be properly disposed within a province or those that do not have capabilities to dispose hazardous waste?
  • What is Chinese “medical waste” definition? Does it include waste generated from Biological manufacture of pharmaceuticals?
  • Does the facility have to get an approval from regulators for waste to be disposed at a licensed facility? If approved for one facility, can that waste be sent to another facility without getting a prior approval?

Here are some quotes from some of our satisfied attendees:

  • Very important and professional presentation, greatly appreciated.  Compliments to the team.
    HSE Director; TRW
  • Good company, good service….keep in touch
    Environmental Manager; Jabil

  • Just a note to say that the above webinar was excellent and thanks to Ellen Zhang who put in the hard work to make it happen. Thanks again for an interesting webinar.
    USg Technologies Int’l Pte Ltd; CHWMEG

  • Well done!!
    Director Corporate EHS Audits; Baxter

  • Thanks for arranging such good seminar. The information is quite useful for me.
    HR Manager Media, Media & Entertainment Division; Barco

  • It was my pleasure.  I heard Ellen speak at CHWMEG.  Excellent job.
    Environmental Compliance Manager; Black & Decker

In response to interest from our clients and many of the webinar participants,  Enhesa is putting together a China EHS Professionals Peer Group. Please contact Isadora Bodian if you are interested in participating by emailing her at Once we have a core group established we will provide information on forums and events.

For a copy of the presentation and access to the webinar recording, please contact us at

Expert Speaker:
Ellen Zhang, China Consultant, Enhesa S.A.

Zhang Yun (“Ellen”) is an EHS Regulatory Consultant with ENHESA, based in Shanghai.  Ms. Zhang has extensive experience in analyzing environmental, health and safety legislation and the impact it has on business. Her key expertise is with China (mainland), Hong Kong and Taiwan environmental law and policy studies and the regulatory aspects of environmental management systems for multinational companies. Ms Zhang has a Law degree from East China University Politics and a Law and LLM in Energy and Environmental Law from Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium.  She speaks Chinese, Cantonese and English.

Q&A Panelist:
Paul Cullen Beatley, President, Enhesa, Inc.

Paul Beatley is a co-founder of and Managing Director of Enhesa.  He founded the practice in Brussels in 1993 forming a core team of international jurists and policy experts with international EHS regulatory consulting experience.    In 1998 he coordinated the expansion of the policy group to Tokyo and the following year relocated to Washington DC to anchor the group’s presence in the USA. Paul has over twenty years of professional experience in EHS management and regulatory consulting, including ten years based in France and Belgium. He has led consulting assignments, including compliance audits, due diligence assessments, and management and organizational studies around the globe, including throughout Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.


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