Enhesa about to launch its Corporate Audit Program Partnership

At the end of Oct 2009 Enhesa will be launching its long-awaited Global Audit Partnership, offering exclusive benefits to a select group of leading multinational companies.

Participation will provide a number of advantages at no additional cost:
- Participate in exclusive quarterly web-based member meetings (including presentations of audit and compliance issues, a forum for peer interaction, sharing experiences
and benchmarking, etc.).

– Get the best pricing and discounts for best quality audit protocols and scorecards.

– Get your protocols hot off the press when you need them, aligned with your audit schedule.

– Make use of Hotline support from Enhesa regulatory experts during audits.

– Prioritize expansion into new countries.

– Have your say in the development of new functionality to meet your changing needs

– … and much more.

Not only does Enhesa offer you top-quality audit and compliance solutions, the best functionality and the most up-to-date regulatory information across over 100 countries – we also give you the best deal to keep your budget under control. Watch this space for more details, or drop us an email to be kept up to date as things are revealed: protocols@enhesa.com


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