Enhesa Forecast 2010 – Are you ready for the EHS regulations of the new decade?

As we enter a new decade, public and government attention remains focused on environment and safety issues and regulatory activity continues to grow. EHS leaders are trying to prepare for the new decade by identifying the global trends in EHS regulation that will impact their businesses.

The Forecast 2010 project reviewed Enhesa’s database of over 30,000 regulatory developments to identify the emerging EHS trends that your company will face in 2010 and beyond.

Enhesa identified a strong upwards trend in EHS regulatory activity over recent years. In 2009, Enhesa monitored more than 2000 regulatory developments. This is 50% more regulatory developments than in 2008, and 72% more than in 2007.

We are witnessing an impressive increase –  across the globe – in the number of new or changed EHS regulations impacting business.   The major developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China are among those  undergoing the most regulatory change.

Enhesa used its regulatory database to identify the issues that governments across the world are focusing their attention on. The Forecast 2010 project team also surveyed businesses to identify the specific EHS issues that will be keeping them busy in 2010 and beyond.

The Forecast 2010 identified the following issues as the key emerging EHS issues of the coming decade:

1. Chemicals

2. Climate change

3. Products

4. Water

5. Corporate responsibility

In December 2009, Enhesa presented more detail about each of these emerging issues in three webinars. From REACH implementation in the EU to water policy in India, webinar attendees were provided with an update on recent EHS developments and an outline of future trends.

In a series of posts on this blog we will be highlighting the main issues that emerged from our research

As part of its Regulatory Monitoring service, Enhesa tracks EHS regulatory developments in 130 jurisdictions worldwide. This provides Enhesa with a unique database of in-depth analysis of global EHS regulations. Enhesa has used its Forecast methodology for the past 15 years to identify emerging EHS trends that will impact businesses. Enhesa also uses this methodology to help companies identify the specific issues that will affect their products and operations.

For a copy of the Forecast 2010 presentation and access to the webinar recording please contact us at webinars@enhesa.com


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