US authorities release EHS enforcement data

In recent months, both OSHA and the EPA have released data on enforcement activities for 2009.

Environmental enforcement

According to the EPA’s enforcement data for the year ending 30 September 2009, the EPA’s enforcement actions resulted in polluters being required to invest an estimated US$5.4 billion to reduce pollution, clean up contaminated land and water, achieve compliance, and fund environmentally beneficial projects.

These investments are expected to result in pollution reductions of around 570 million pounds per year.

More information about the EPA’s enforcement activities is available online at

Health and safety enforcement

Scaffolding, fall protection and hazard communication are key areas of OSHA enforcement activity, according to OSHA compliance data for 2009. The top 10 issues enforced by OSHA in the year through 30 September 2009 were:

1. Scaffolding, General – 9,093 violations

2. Fall Protection – 6,771 violations

3. Hazard Communication – 6,378 violations

4. Respiratory Protection – 3,803 violations

5. Lockout/Tagout – 3,321 violations

6. Electrical, Wiring – 3,079 violations

7. Ladders – 3,072 violations

8. Powered Industrial Trucks – 2,993 violations

9. Electrical, General – 2,556 violations

10. Machine Guarding – 2,364 violations


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