Enhesa Expanding US State Audit Protocol and ScoreCard offering

In response to client demand, Enhesa is increasing the number of available US state Audit Protocols and Scorecards to 30 in 2010 and 50 by 2011. Victoria Bain, Head of Enhesa’s Audit Protocol Program comments, “Many of our long time Audit Protocol clients have made Enhesa Audit Protocols such an integral part of their EHS audit programs, that not having the same tool for the US was becoming more than an inconvenience for them.   As always we want to meet our clients’ needs; thus, we invested in increasing our US offering.”

Enhesa’s US State Audit Protocols and Scorecards  provide the same timely, accurate and easy to use compliance tools as Enhesa’s traditional international Audit Protocols/ScoreCards.   One added advantage is that the US State Audit Protocols/ScoreCards  integrate federal and state requirements into one easy to use tool.

For more information on availability of US State Audit Protocols and Scorecards contact Enhesa at protocols@enhesa.com or call +1.202.552.1090.

State-level Audit Protocols are priced at US$3,000 per state.


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