BNA/Enhesa Webinar: Latin American EHS Overview 2010

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (ET)

EHS issues throughout Latin America have become an important matter for companies to address and understand due to an increase in regulations and more stringent enforcement activities.  However, all Latin American countries are not the same in their views towards environment, health, and safety issues.  

Drawing on its expertise in monitoring EHS regulations and conducting compliance assessments throughout Latin America, Enhesa, a global EHS consultancy, has analyzed the proposed and adopted EHS regulations to identify key EHS requirements that impact business. BNA invites you to join an esteemed panel of Enhesa experts, Cecile Baudon, Eduardo Molina, and Daniel Ricon, who will provide their insights and perspectives on these issues. BNA’s webinar is designed to help you:

  • Understand the political, cultural, and social situations in Latin America in context with environmental concerns
  • Identify and describe the major organizations and treaties guiding international policies in Latin America
  • Learn about key EHS regulations adopted and proposed in 2009
  • Gain insight on EHS trends in Latin America

Register easily and securely to reserve your space now for BNA’s upcoming EHS webinar and get a $75 discount as a BNA subscriber! Or, call 800-372-1033, menu Option 6, submenu Option 1, and refer to the date and title of this conference. Lines are open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 pm ET, excluding most federal holidays.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear a lively, dynamic presentation. Not only are EHS webinars an excellent way for you to stay current, with BNA you also get:

  • Quality. Count on it. Nothing is canned.
  • Objectivity. BNA provides you with the best and most objective information. Unlike other companies, we don’t use our webinars as a forum to sell outside solutions.
  • Affordability. EHS webinars are inexpensive compared to the cost of travel to attend a conference. Plus, you may use a speakerphone and invite as many of your colleagues as you want to listen in—all for the price of a single registration.
  • Convenience. No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office.

In addition, you’ll receive:

  • Personal attention. Once you’ve registered, send your questions in advance to and they’ll be included in the program. You’ll also have a chance to ask your questions during the webinar.
  • Follow-up materials. You need no materials upfront to follow along to our live conference. But BNA always issues a follow-up e-mail with contact information for our speakers as well as other materials related to the topic.
  • CLE credits will be available for this EHS webinar.

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