Enhesa celebrates Earth Day 2010

WASHINGTON, DC –April 22, 2010— On Earth Day, Enhesa announced the Green Employee of the Year winner, Riaz Zaman.  Mr. Zaman is an EHS Consultant at Enhesa covering environmental, health and safety laws and regulations in the United States, India and Pakistan.  His achievement comes as a reward for outstanding performance on written quiz where environmental knowledge and practices were put to the  test with weighted questions such as, “Which combination of the following plastic products are accepted for recycling by most communities in the DC metro area?” and, “What percentage of your household waste do you usually recycle or compost?”. The weekend following Earth Day, Enhesa employees were present at the Anacostia Watershed Society Cleanup where community organizations and governmental officials collaborated to cleanup sites along the shores of the Anacostia River in the District of Colombia.

As proponents of the global sustainable movement, Enhesa currently sponsors public transport for its employees.  However, on Earth Day 2010, Enhesa opened the platform to its employees for additional sustainable suggestions over an organic potluck luncheon. Some ideas that emerged were composting kitchen waste, using the stairs (instead of the elevator) more often, and making sure computer monitors and lights are turned off at the end of the day. Enhesa spans the globe as an industry leader in EHS management. Providing solutions for commercial and industrial use in over 130 countries and jurisdictions worldwide, Enhesa challenges the market to take a sustainable look at its operations. Enhesa strives to help customers meet pressing environmental, health and safety regulatory challenges related to compliance. The road to sustainability continues and Enhesa is on-board.


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