Help make our 2010-2011 webinar program the best yet!

Enhesa values your opinion. Please take a few minutes to help us plan our 2010-2011 webinar program.

What webinar topics are you interested in? Let us know by emailing From the list of webinars below, send us a note and let us know which ones we should include in our webinar series. If there is a topic we haven’t thought of, send us a description. We are always looking for new ideas.

  • Risk-Based Auditing Approach
  • China EHS Update 2010
  • Exploring the Unique Difficulties with International EHS Compliance Auditing
  • Will Carbon Labelling of Products Revolutionize the Market?
  • Managing EHS Compliance for Non-Manufacturing Operations
  • EHS Outlook for Africa 2010
  • EHS Regulations – the European Union verus the United States
  • Understanding Environmental Damage Liability
  • How to Choose the Right EHS Management Information System
  • Enforcement Practices Regarding EHS Laws Globally
  • Permitting and how to securely operate? A Global Comparison
  • The Latest Global Regulations Regarding Nanotechnology
  • Designing a World-Class Corporate EHS Management Program
  • Asia EHS Update 2010
  • Latest Regulatory Developments Regarding Climate Change

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