As 2011 approaches…

Seasons Greetings,

We are getting closer to this period of the year where one has to wonder, what did I do this year, and what will I need to do next year?  2010 has been an exciting year for EHS regulators.  The seemingly endless stream of new regulations has again outreached last years’ record, and the number of regulatory initiatives in the pipeline foresees an equally exciting year 2011.  For the regulated community, it has forced many amongst us to reassess how they are ensuring compliance.  Systems that seemed perfect just a couple of years ago, increasingly look defunct.  As an EHS manager you have to ask yourself, have you done the right thing?  Have you documented it?  Will it survive an inspection?  The US EPA enforcement plan foresees a spectacular increase in inspections and penalties for 2011.  In Europe authorities are increasingly aware that enforcement is needed to ensure the regulations achieve their purpose.  Coordinated REACH inspections have identified thousands of companies that breached the MSDS requirements, and the Dutch authorities have proven that also in continental Europe penalties of millions of EURO are possible.  Let alone the initiative to oblige Member States to increase the frequency of inspections and to make the results publicly available.  In Asia, several governments seem to be competing to proof that they can do better than Europe or the US, by taking the regulations to the next step.  The efforts also stem from a concern of making sure that industry is able to meet the most stringent requirements of the major markets.  For sure exciting times ahead.  At Enhesa, we keep track of all this for you, and are ready to help you meet the compliance challenge for 2011.  Be it with our standard services, our consultants input for a systemic review, a compliance audit program or a pointed question through our helpline service.  If you did not yet do so, contact us for support, and in the mean time, Season’s Greetings from the whole Enhesa Team.

  – Thierry Dumortier, Managing Director


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