COMING SOON: Enhesa’s Compliance Manager

Do you have difficulty keeping track of the never ending stream of new EHS regulatory requirements?  Do you want to be able to identify what applies to you and why?  Do you want to be able to verify and ensure you have done what needs to be done?  For these and many other reasons, Enhesa worked to develop an easy to use web-based solution that combines the best elements of its various regulatory compliance assurance services.

 In the first quarter of 2011, Enhesa will launch a new service which provides both facility and corporate EHS managers an easy to use system to:

  •  identify relevant and applicable regulations,
  • ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements,
  • link the regulations and requirements to your equipment and processes,
  • annotate the regulations and requirements to demonstrate compliance,

identify the compliance problem areas,

  • manage compliance assurance over time,
  • anticipate on relevant pending and future regulations,
  • allow group collaboration,
  • keep a record as to who did what, when and why,
  • use the dashboards to get an at a glance overview (per country, per facility, per subject),
  • integrate with an EHS Management Information Platform of your choice
  • and much more.

 Existing Enhesa service users will be able to upgrade their existing subscriptions. 

  Compliance by design, made easier.

 For a demo of the Enhesa Compliance Manager, please

contact us by email: with the subject titled:

“Flash —Enhesa Compliance Manager —Demo Request”


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