UK Partner Barbour EHS hosts Enhesa Webinar

International trends in EHS regulation and how companies manage compliance in different ways

Barbour EHS will be running a webinar in partnership with Enhesa, on 3 March 2011 at 11:00am (GMT). To make sure you don’t miss out on International trends in EHS regulation and how companies manage compliance in different ways, register your place today.

We will be examining current recent international trends in EHS laws and policies, and looking at how companies are going about managing compliance with different budgets and approaches.

The webinar draws on the outcomes of Enhesa’s 2010 regulatory trends forecast and a study of how companies seek to ensure regulatory compliance.

Highlights that will be discussed during this hour long webinar include:

  • A strong upwards trend in EHS regulatory activity over recent years has been identified.
  • The Enhesa 2010 Forecast project reviewed over 40,000 regulatory developments to identify the emerging EHS trends that companies will face in the coming years. In 2009, Enhesa monitored more than 2000 regulatory developments. This represents 50% more regulatory developments than in 2008, and 72% more than in 2007.
  • We are witnessing an impressive increase – across the globe – in the number of new or changed EHS regulations impacting business.
  • The major developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China are among those undergoing the most regulatory change.
  • There has also been a trend towards increased enforcement around the world.
  • A parallel informal study was also carried out into how some clients meet the challenge of ensuring they stay up to date and in compliance with ever-changing EHS laws around the world. The study found that the approach companies take varies greatly depending on available budgets, management priorities and structures and company organization.

Who should attend?
This webinar will be of interest to all senior EHS professionals, risk managers and directors with responsibility for Environment, Health & Safety at overseas sites who need to stay on top of their EHS commitments across all of their facilities around the world.

Presenter: Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford

Tjeerd is a multilingual EHS policy, regulatory and management consultant with ENHESA. He has more than 10 years of experience in tracking & analysing environmental, health and safety legislation, and the regulatory aspects of environmental management systems for multinational companies with operations all over the world.

As well as his extensive knowledge of environment & health and safety laws in several countries, Tjeerd is also responsible for UK client acquisition and marketing efforts; internal quality control; has presented internationally at conferences on EHS regulatory issues; and has also worked in the US on secondment participating in client acquisition in US.

Tjeerd is currently working towards Chartered Membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and Associate Membership of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

Enhesa provides a range of tools and services to help corporate and facility-level EHS Managers keep up to speed on regulatory and policy developments in the field of environment and health and safety and help them to ensure compliance with these requirements (e.g. through our audit protocols and auditing services). Our services also facilitate compliance with Management System (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

To register please visit this link. Once you have registered we will then send you the event details. If you require further information please contact Elaine Boorman at


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