African Outlook – Enhesa’s March Webinar

New economic growth and investment in Africa continues to increase rapidly. Major new investment from China and India has created opportunities for low-income African countries to raise foreign capital and channel it to enhancing development.  As private capital flows into African countries, environmental protection and worker health and safety concerns  are growing.  As a result, several African countries have begun to develop regulatory structures to address EHS concerns.  Additionally, several countries, most recently the United States through the Frank-Dodd Act, are adopting laws intended to obtain information about a company’s EHS-related activity in Africa.  During the African EHS Outlook Webinar 2011, Enhesa will explore the development of EHS laws and regulations throughout Africa.

There are 2 opportunities to participate in this one-hour webinar:  24 March and 29 March.  It will include statistics and challenges, the evolution of regulatory frameworks, enforcement trends and developments by country, sector and issue, and will conclude with potential business impacts. It would be a pleasure to have you join us.

Further details about Enhesa’s webinar program for 2011 can be found on our website: To join the 2011 webinar invitation list or for more information, please contact Enhesa at


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