Enhesa Webinar on Asian EHS Regulatory Trends breaks records

On 10 November 2011, Enhesa held the first session of its most recent webinar, Asia’s Regulatory Outlook for 2012. Between the 10 & 15 November sessions, Enhesa hit a new record of over 600 registrations for the event, beating any other Enhesa webinar by roughly 150-200 registrants!

Enhesa’s Yuko Dvorak-Miyata, Sarah O’Brien and Ellen Zhang presented the webinar, which was rich in content and regulatory information. The webinar was divided into four major parts: Asia Pacific Overview, EHS Regulatory Trends, Compliance/Enforcement, and How to Be Prepared. The Asia Pacific overview, presented by Sarah O, covered regional & economical differences, influences of globalization and common misconceptions about the Asia Pacific region. The next topic, EHS regulatory trends, was covered by both Yuko & Sarah, which encompassed sections on climate change, chemicals management, product regulations, and health & safety. Ellen took over to present compliance and enforcement in several APAC countries, and Yuko concluded the webinar with an overview of Enhesa Solutions, which aimed to convince viewers of the importance of preparing for upcoming regulatory developments.

The viewers themselves had much on their mind before the presentation. Enhesa’s pre-webinar survey revealed that 93% of respondents believe that legal enforcement in Asia Pacific has become tighter over the last few years, and 87% of respondents confessed that they experienced difficulties in obtaining & understanding regulatory requirements in the region. That same 87% polled that language barriers and unfamiliarity of the legal framework were the major issues to blame for their difficulties. When asked about implementing corporate EHS policies in Asia, 78% of survey respondents admitted to difficulties, and voted that cultural barriers and language issues were the major cause of these challenges.

About a third of viewers in last week’s webinar tuned in from the Asia region, which also broke a new record for Enhesa in terms of most registrants from the Asia region.

The conclusion of the webinar brought about several thoughtful questions from viewers, and left Virginia with over 150 emails for presentation material requests. Along with the presentation requests came quite an array of nice comments. Listed below are just a few:

  • “Thank you for doing a great job and presenting on a very timely and applicable topic.  I was very impressed with the content of the presentation and would appreciate if you could e-mail a copy of the presentation material to me so that I can review some of this with the stakeholders within our organization. Appreciate you help in the matter. “
  • “Thank you for another great Enhesa webinar. Content again very interesting!”
  • “It is a brilliant page for our study”
  • “I joined in this morning’s webinar and found it very informative. I am not surprised that you had so many participants as the Asia Pacific is such an important region with growing trade and increasing levels of regulations. Please pass on congratulations to all the presenters

For a copy of the presentation or access to a recording of this webinar please contact Virginia Shaffer at vs@enhesa.com


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