Enhesa New Feature – from information system to collaboration platform

Enhesa has enhanced the regulatory monitoring service with a powerful tool enabling users to manage and customize the regulatory monitoring reports through an assortment of user defined and controlled features.

The new feature gives EHS professionals the ability to focus their time and efforts on the most important issues impacting their operations or products.  The Enhesa Regulatory Monitoring Service already provides an in-depth analysis of issues, initial ranking and specific business impact analysis.  The new feature goes a step further by allowing users to really manage issues in a way that promotes proactive collaboration within the management framework of each specific company.

Users can identify impacted facilities, processes or products, rank issues, assign issues to colleagues, create a “hot list” of topics, link reports to relevant internal documentation, and comment on issues in a collaborative way with associates.  The feature generates email alerts to flag important changes and allows export of the reports and annotations to Excel.

The Enhesa Regulatory monitoring service is available for more than 150 jurisdictions.  The new feature is an upgrade of the website set up for the client to a collaboration platform.  As Thierry Dumortier, Managing Director of Enhesa says, “The collaboration platform empowers companies to really manage issues – not just be aware of them,” thus leading to more efficient and effective EHS departments.

Please contact Enhesa for more information and a demo of the regulatory monitoring service on the collaboration platform.


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