Enhesa and Baker & McKenzie Join Forces on Emissions Trading

Are you aware of global developments in emissions trading regulation and how these will impact you?

Are you prepared to reduce your emissions and are you prepared to pay for this?

What are the legal compliance challenges of emissions trading schemes?

How do different trading schemes relate to each other and what does this mean for your business?

Over 50 countries or regions around the world are now looking at some form of national regulation to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Recognizing these significant regulatory trends, leading practitioners in the field, Enhesa and Baker & McKenzie, have come together to provide you with a unique insight into global developments and challenges associated with emissions trading schemes and the laws regulating them.

Enhesa is the leading provider of EHS regulatory compliance services and help companies be aware of and stay in compliance with the environmental and health & safety laws that apply to them in over 150 countries and jurisdictions around the world.

Baker & McKenzie is the world’s leading global law firm. It has a market-leading global climate change practice which has been advising on climate law and policy including emissions trading for more than 14 years.

This webinar, held on 3 July at 9:00 AM GMT (London) and 16 July at 5:00 PM EST (New York), will examine:

● A brief overview of emissions trading

● Emissions trading schemes currently in force or being developed around the world

● Global regulatory trends in emissions trading

● The interaction between different emissions trading schemes

● The technical legal challenges companies do and will face

We look forward to having you join us. Please register now and you will receive dial-in details upon registration approval.


Enhesa and Baker & McKenzie


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