Are you in charge of planning your EHS budget for 2013? What you need to know…

It’s that crucial time of the year, when most companies around the globe make their best efforts in planning for 2013. Goals are set, projects are outlined, deadlines are established and perhaps most importantly, next year’s budgets are made. In order to improve or maintain your current program, you often have to justify its importance with some concrete figures. Enhesa Inc., a global EHS compliance assurance firm, is tracking some global EHS trends that may help you make determine the budget you’ll need in 2013 to achieve your EHS goals.

What is the current global regulatory climate? Has there been an increase in regulations worldwide? What does the future hold? What’s the growth by world region or by subject?

These are the questions you’ll need answers to as you plan for the upcoming year’s EHS program and corresponding budgets.

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Author Bio: 

Virginia Shaffer is the senior marketing and sales coordinator at Enhesa and is based in Washington, DC. She has over 5 years of professional experience in business development and trend analysis. Virginia currently administers a successful webinar program at Enhesa, and is the editor of Enhesa’s bimonthly magazine, The Flash, which is viewed by thousands of EHS managers worldwide. She holds a B.A. in International Relations, concentrated in Economics and focused in European and Asian Regional Studies.


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