Are you aware of the energy performance standards in Latin American countries? What about the varying labeling schemes?

Companies manufacturing and selling appliances, equipment and lighting in Latin America face a growing demand from governments and consumers: reduce energy consumption. In a region of about 20 countries, where Spanish is the dominant language and regulatory systems are based on similar legal models, this demand wouldn’t seem to be a significant regulatory problem for product manufacturers, importers, and sales people. However, the region maintains its diversity, and almost every state has adopted a different approach to regulating energy efficiency and labeling.

In most cases, countries have instituted voluntary labeling programs and are regulating on the basis of the industry’s response, but other countries have established maximum energy consumption standards. Either way, Latin American regulators are looking closer at product energy performance with a goal to reduce national energy consumption and mitigate climate change impacts… Read more here!

Daniel Rincón is an EHS consultant and the regional coordinator for Latin America at Enhesa. Mr. Rincón is a Colombian-trained EHS regulatory expert, who specializes in EHS law in Latin American countries. His experience includes the development and maintenance of audit protocols for more than 10 countries, monitoring regulatory developments, and advising multinational clients on how to maintain compliance. He holds a LLM degree in Energy and Environmental Law awarded by the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven, Belgium, a specialization degree in Corporate Law from the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia, and a Law degree awarded by the same university in Colombia. Mr. Rincón speaks Spanish, English and French.


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