Check out this confined spaces infograph by Compliance & Safety

As an EHS Director, have you ensured that there are strong training programs for your employees on confined spaces?

According to Compliance Safety: 

The importance of companies offering their employees with confined space training cannot be understated. Confined spaces are either partially or completely enclosed working environments. They are only meant for short term single worker occupancy. Are dangerous due to many factors like design and atmosphere.

With the proper education and prepared training workers who perform in confined spaces should understand the hazards and dangers as well as know the company plan of action in an emergency as well as be committed to following all safety requirements. Employers can keep workers safe by reducing accidents and also save money when they present their workers with a planned and safe working environment.

The infographic gives four key characteristics of confined spaces and then goes on to provide clear explanation and illustration for safety.

• Lack of oxygen results in 50% of confined space worker fatalities.
• Use the checklist for the four important steps when working in a confined space.
• One quarter of confined spaces have toxic air environments.
• A loss in just 5% oxygen in the air causes impaired judgement as well as problems breathing.

Employers who develop proper safety protocol and provide training and education to workers can reduce fatalities and accidents. Giving workers checklists before they enter any confined space to work can help them identify dangers and understand what to do should something go wrong. Employers can use many resources and provide different documents in order to keep multiple confined worksites safe.


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