NOx Emissions Trading Scheme Repealed in the Netherlands — Global Impacts?

EHS-Journal-Tulip-Dream-3-Tulips-in-Holland-by-Paulo-Oliveira-Santos-300x199The once-trailblazing Dutch Nitrogen Oxides Emission Trading Scheme (NOx ETS) is to be repealed: what are the effects?

In recent years, Emissions Trading Schemes have gained momentum around the world.  Hundreds upon thousands of companies have had to adapt to be able to handle the effects of more stringent regulation. The Netherlands pioneered the launch of the world’s first NOx ETS in 2005. However, in October 2012, the scheme reached its breaking point and its repeal was officially announced.

This leaves us with several questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why has the scheme been repealed?
  • How will companies be affected?
  • Will there be something else instead of the NOx ETS?
  • Does the example in the Netherlands spell doom for other regional or global ETS?

This article will explain the NOx ETS and hopes to find answers to these questions. READ MORE on EHS Journal!


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