Enhesa invites you to its upcoming webinar… Global EHS Regulatory Forecast, 12 & 15 March 2013


Register for either session:
Tuesday, 12 March at 11:00 AM EST
Friday, 15 March at 9:00 AM EST
Enhesa’s first Global Regulatory Forecast was in 2009. Since then, did you know that…
…The amount of EHS legislation has globally increased by 35%?
…Africa & the Middle East have seen over a 300% increase in regulation?
…Major global enforcement activity has increased two-fold?
CPDCreditIn 2009, Enhesa’s global forecast focused heavily on rapid EHS developments happening around the world, and particularly in the “BRIC” countries. Today in 2013, Enhesa is able to reflect on the 2009 forecast and look at how the trends identified then have evolved. Over the intervening years we have seen several countries makebold changes and we have witnessed enforcement intensity dramatically increase in several unexpected jurisdictions. .

In addition, Enhesa is witnessing shifts in attention to specific topic areas.Although we continue to see a global emphasis on chemical legislation, we nowalso see increased regulations and proposals on energy use and efficiency, air emissions generally and product regulation. As amendments are introduced to the content and structure of ISO 14001 – with a greater emphasis on on-going management of regulatory compliance, we also expect to see a broader cultural shift towards staying on top of the laws that apply to you, wherever you operate.

Enhesa’s core advantage is its ability to immediately identify EHS regulatory trends as they develop around the world. Our experts analyze how trends will impact operations at micro and macro levels.

Drawing on these capabilities, Enhesa has crafted this webinar to assist companies in understanding and anticipating the global shifts in EHS regulatory developments to come.

The webinar, hosted on both 12 March at 11:00 AM EST and 15 March at 9:00 EST , will specifically explore:

  • Global EHS regulatory trends in growth of legislation, topic areas and enforcement practices
  • The latest developments and future predictions of what’s to come in the areas of:
    • Chemicals
    • Air Emissions & Energy Policy
    • Health & Safety
    • Products
    • Management & Enforcement
  • A conclusion on the impacts to industry and how to stay in compliance

We look forward to having you join us.


The Enhesa Team


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