Join us in Beijing! Responsible Waste Stewardship Seminar – 14 May


Seminar Overview:
The concept of sustainability, whether in terms of economic or environmental sustainability, is impacted by an organization’s operational activities. Environmental sustainability includes the responsible disposition of production wastes or unwanted/spent materials, beyond the generating organization’s fence line. Sustainability efforts must include managing the supply chain (recycling and treatment/disposal service providers). Stewardship of the “environmental footprint” is a critical part of the sustainability effort of an organization – it affects the bottom line. We will look at polluter pays legislation and explore the potential impacts on business.

What should we look for when we conduct a review/audit of a facility? Ms. Maslanka and Mr. Calvin Gong will share their vast experiences, having audited more than 200 unique facilities worldwide. Good information gathering is critical to effective supplier evaluation, and helps with the decision to reduce the risks associated with the facility. They will illustrate with case studies and anecdotes from their experiences.

Ms. Ellen Zhang’s presentation will give an overview on the regulatory framework of waste management in China, look at emerging trends, and provide relevant regulatory updates. The topics will include the responsibilities of different parties during the waste management process, the importance of responsible waste stewardship, waste import and export restrictions, as well as case studies and how it relates to companies. The presentation will also integrate some pertinent issues on various Asian countries to give comparative analysis.

See Full Agenda!

14 May 2013
(Reception on 13 May, 7:00 PM Open Bar Area)
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Registration begins at 8:30 AM
Salon A, 3rd Floor
101 Jingmi Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102
Who Should Attend?
Senior Managers involved in Waste Management & Recycling
Environmental Compliance/Sustainability Manager
EHS Directors and Managers

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