Check out the attendee feedback from our webinar today:



Get ready, Session 2! Here’s all the buzz from the webinar’s first group of listeners today:

  • Best planned pitch I have attended (yours or others) in a long time.  Great topics & transitions
  • Liked some of the blowouts of certain regulations. Oftentimes reading about them online is confusing, but Enhesa did a nice job of clearly communicating what’s going on with the regulation.
  • In my new role I will be evaluating vendor solutions for auditing and regulatory managment.  This webinar provided a glimpse of the expertise behind your products and services.  This webinar proved positive.
  • Big picture, just got your feet wet on several important topics.
  • Short and to the point!
  • It had helpful information about the area where I work and my company has many sites.
  • Covered a broad scope of topics. Great!
  • I don’t deal with Texas much, so I found the discussion about the water issues with Mexico and New Mexico interesting.
  • There was very good coverage of all the various issues related to EHS.


We’ll be back in action next Tuesday! Thank you to everyone who participated.


The Enhesa Team


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