Introducing… The new and improved legal register services of Enhesa

How do you currently meet your management system requirements in order to know what laws apply to your facility?…and how do you keep up to date with them as they change?

In Enhesa’s March edition of the Flash, we highlighted the imminent changes to the ISO 14001 environmental management system standards, and the likely new focus on regulatory compliance as part of the overall management system framework and approach in the coming years. More so, Enhesa has already tracked over 1000 new EHS regulations globally in the first 5 months of 2013 (see Figure 1). This means that now, more than ever, EHS Managers and Directors need to be on top of the laws that apply to them.

Global Regulation

Enhesa’s Regulatory Register services, currently available in over 200 jurisdictions have been specifically conceived to meet this very purpose and take all the hard work out of your hands.

Enhesa’s Regulatory Register got a fresh new look

The Regulatory Register services have recently undergone a re-packaging, and we are now able to offer different levels of register detail to meet every need and budget.

From the simple, comprehensive, constantly updated Lists of Legislation, right through to our Compliance Manager offering, the different tiers now available mean that you can be flexible in meeting your company’s objectives and budgets.

In addition, whereas Enhesa’s Regulatory Register service has always allowed users to create their own site-specific register based on their own expert knowledge of their specific operations, Enhesa is now able to take even more weight off your shoulders in this regard. We’re now offering clients the possibility of having their registers “pre-completed” by a dedicated Enhesa consultant, so that the register is ready to go and tailored from day one.


The different tiers of “register” now offered by Enhesa are as follows:

Lists of Legislation

  • Available for more than 200 jurisdictions
  • All EHS laws in force in a given country
  • Titles translated in English
  • Linked to Enhesa’s Thematic EHS Headings
  • Links to all readily available original legal texts online
  • Held live and up-to-date online, to access via a client-dedicated site

Regulatory Summaries

  • All the features of the Lists of Legislation, and…
  • Give a brief summary and overview of the main requirements for each law
  • Can be pre-filtered according to specific thematic headings
  • Can be integrated with other Enhesa regulatory compliance services

Regulatory Registers

  • All the features of the Lists and Regulation Summaries, and…
  • Allows you to filter regulation in/out of your register on the basis of series of screening questions
  • Can be pre-filtered with Enhesa support
  • Allows you to download registers in a variety of file formats
  • Can be integrated with other Enhesa regulatory compliance services

Compliance Manager

  • All the features of the Lists and Regulation Summaries, and…
  • Includes the specific Regulatory Requirements derive from Enhesa’s audit tools, linked to laws in your register
  • Allows you to verify, monitor and manage compliance on a site-by-site basis
  • Corporate and Facility dashboard overviews of regulatory compliance

Look out for an Enhesa webinar coming up about more detail on the proposed ISO amendments!

-Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Regulatory
Register Program Manager


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