Enhesa issued 94 reports on major global enforcement cases in Q2 2013


Laws and regulations increased immensely in 2012 and, as Enhesa predicted, enforcement practices are on the rise in 2013.

From April til the end of June, Enhesa Experts wrote:

56 reports surrounding new enforcement legislation, policy, guidance and proposals in the queue 

3 reports on jurisprudence cases (major penalties to business)

35 reports on background enforcement news (inspections, criminal penalties, and organizational changes, particularly in China, Europe, Colombia, Nigeria, South Africa, Korea and the US)

Don’t be fearful of enforcement – be forward thinking

To stay on top of these emerging global enforcement issues, Enhesa has launched the Enforcement Tracker, a monitoring service tailored to enforcement actions and legislation. It’s an essential tool created for EHS Directors and Managers to access global enforcement information from one reliable source.

Issues are tracked on a monthly basis, analyzed by Enhesa’s in-house Experts, and summarized in reports that are delivered through a single, online portal and searchable database. Below are the issues included for 50 selected jurisdictions:

  • Unique legislation/proposals related to enforcement
  • Novel materials/announcements regarding government enforcement programs
  • Drastic enforcement outcomes such as large fines, shutdowns, and prison terms for Directors, VPs, and Senior-level Management receiving heightened attention
  • Major judicial precedents and outstanding enforcement cases likely to influence the ongoing enforcement practices in a jurisdiction
  • The Enforcement Tracker has several additional benefits. You also receive access to the full list of legislation, as well as thorough snapshot on how the legislation is enforced in a given country – e.g., enforcement authority, enforcement structure, etc.
  • Lastly, as an added bonus, signing up will provide you with quarterly webinars on selected enforcement cases and outstanding issues by industry, country and/or regulatory topic.


Talk to us today about how we can help your company’s EHS program remain compliant and ahead of enforcement developments around the world.



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