What people are saying about our webinar on risk reduction!

esurance-facebook-feedbackWhen asked in the exit survey, what did you find most interesting about the webinar, take a look at some of the responses we received!

What did you find most interesting about the webinar?

“A new vision about EHS people roles”

“A new way of looking at programs in the bigger picture.”

“First webinar I attended till the end – very usefull, everything? Thanks.”

“I like the idea of working together rather than being the policeman. This presentation has provided ideas that may help bridge the gap between management, operations and EH&S employees.”

“How important it is for EHS to “”talk finance”” in order to become a business partner. EHS professionals need to be more operational leader rather than technical experts.”

“The ideas associated with assigning additional value ot EHS and aligning the function with business overall goals.”

“I liked the doors and the process steps to reach full EHS integration into the business.”

“It’s absolutely true the fact that is difficult to create a risk reduction culture and the best way to create it is stopping being a hero. Nowadays it’s more possible since management is more aware than 2 or 3 years ago.”

“The fact that EHS Advisor should not be the hero but should be leader of EHS teammates was a very nice way to represent my situation”

“The importance of partnerships with operations management”


There’s still time left to join our session tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST (NYC Time)! Don’t miss out.

You can follow this link to register: https://enhesaevents.webex.com/enhesaevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=663601894


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