Upcoming webinar will preview Enhesa’s sponsored track at the 2014 IOSH Conference

On 17 & 18 June 2014, Enhesa will be heavily involved with the 2014 IOSH Conference in London. Enhesa will be sponsoring the “Global Risk Management” track across both days of the conference. Track sessions at the conference will address issues including:

•The challenges of working across multiple sites and borders (culture, language, behavior, attitudes)
•Incorporating increasing regulation into risk management in a global marketplace (session led by Thierry Dumortier of Enhesa)
•Cultural change as a risk management strategy
•Managing behavioural attitudes and perceptions in low risk vs high risk environments

In this complimentary 1-hour webinar we will set the scene for the topics to be addressed at the IOSH conference and give valuable insights into the risks faced, and how those can be dealt with, in and across multinational organisations.

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford of Enhesa, joined by special guest Joe Wolfsberger of FDRSafety (formally of Ingersoll Rand, Eaton and Baxter Healthcare), will discuss global risk management practices at a time when budgets remain tight, focusing on topics including:

•Strategies to persuading your company’s corporate decision makers that reducing these risks is a justifiable expense
•Tips on how to build a strong company culture towards risk reduction
•Ways to plan programs to navigate risk
•How EHS and Sustainability can contribute across the entire value chain
•Strategic approaches to creating an effective “Risk Elimination Culture”

Register for the webinar today!

1 May: 9AM EST, 2PM London

6 May: 11AM EST, 4PM London


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