EHS Regulatory Consultants

bigstock-Tools-and-gears-drop-into-the--20351111 EHS Regulatory Consultants

Company Profile:

Enhesa is a global environmental, health and safety consultancy, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to industry worldwide. Enhesa is based in Brussels and Washington DC, and has a network of consultants covering almost any corner of the globe. We identify, understand and help our clients comply with a  multitude of legal requirements that is a reality for all multinational corporations.  We keep our clients ahead of the latest regulatory and policy issues as they unfold.

Candidate Profile:

You are a self-motivated professional with an ambition to pursue an international career in one of today’s fastest growing consulting fields: environmental and occupational safety and health regulatory and policy analysis and advice. You have an in-depth knowledge of policies and regulations, and know the regulatory framework, including the various instruments and how they are applied and enforced in practice. You know who the competent authorities are at National and local level and understand the process by which EHS policies and laws are made, implemented and enforced. You also understand how such authorities are shared and divided between the various administrations. You can demonstrate experience in EHS regulatory compliance-related work, preferably through assisting private companies to comply with their regulatory obligations, or else through your work in an oversight or enforcement agency, or by assisting a public entity to comply with its regulatory obligations. Your objective, in all instances, will be to assist our clients to better ensure their compliance in a cost-effective manner with the relevant EHS laws and regulations to which their operations and/or products are subject.


Our ideal candidate is a new graduate that holds a law degree or a master’s degree; has expertise in environmental law and policy; highly motivated; dedicated to exceptional performance and capable of working individually or in a group setting. Excellent analytical, research and writing skills are expected.

We are currently looking for candidates with the following country expertise:

–          United States and Canada (Washington DC Office)

–          Europe (Brussels Office)

If this matches your profile, please submit resumes to Human Resources at or to the following address:

Attn: Human Resources

Enhesa, Inc.

1411 K St. NW, Suite 1100

Washington DC 20009


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